Tuxedo Junction Fine Art backdrop rental information valid through December 31, 2023

Nutcracker Christmas tree backdrops: $310.00 for 7 contiguous days (days in a row). Your rental period is from the day it leaves us to the day it’s returned to us. Seven (7) days equals one (1) week. The 8th day starts a new rental period.

  1. Each additional day over 7 days: $40.00 per day (or $280.00 for 7 contiguous days)
  2. Each additional day over 14 days: $32.00 per day

Kingdom of Snow tree backdrops: $175.00 for 7 contiguous days.

  1. Each additional day over 7 days: $25.00 per day

We always like to remind customers that it is Christmas and it is winter so anything can happen once it is in transit. Please allow time. To avoid shipping problems during this busy time of the year as much as possible, your backdrop(s) will need to arrive to you on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

  • Shipping costs are one way (from us to you). Shipping costs include: insurance, handling costs, shipper fuel surcharges and pick up fees. Return shipping is not included.
  • You will need to pay for return shipping directly to UPS or Fed Ex.
  • There’s a security deposit of $250.00, which covers: any cleaning costs, damages, late fees. This is refunded back to you via check, once the backdrop is returned to us: clean, on time and with no missing parts.
  • The customer is responsible to know the fire retardancy, stage rigging and size requirements of the performance venue prior to purchasing or renting any backdrop from Tuxedo Junction Fine Art.
  • Your quote has two payment options: pay by check or pay by credit card through PayPal (noted by the yellow line). We prefer checks as payment. If you are making a reservation after October 31, we can only accept payment through PayPal. This is because there is very little time for checks to be mailed and clear the banks prior to shipping for most performance dates. We can invoice you through Paypal, with a small fee (5%) for PayPal expenses. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay an invoice through them. PayPal costs money for all parts of the transaction: rental fee, shipping and  security deposit. This is a separate line item so you can see the difference on your quote.
  • Your payment, security deposit and signed reservation form are required within two weeks of sending your reservation. We will cancel any reservation that has not been paid after two weeks.
  • Terms & conditions are sent with each reservation form. Instructions are sent after we receive your payment.
  • We do not provide the hardware that’s necessary to use the backdrop. Once your reservation is paid for, we will send you a list of items, all of which can be purchased at a local hardware store and lumber yard. Buying these items locally saves considerable money over the cost of us shipping them to you. Depending on the size of the backdrop, these items can average between $45.00 to $100.00. Note: If you are planning to use Tree #10, Tree #15 or Tree #17 as a freestanding backdrop, you will need to buy or rent an exposition pole (aka “pipe and drape” pole) and base. This can be rented from most larger party and event rental companies or we can provide you with information for purchasing this.

If you would like to make a reservation, please call (315) 214-3523 Monday – Friday 10:00 to 7:30 Eastern time) or e-mail: tuxedojunctionfineart@yahoo.com

For a downloadable PDF, please click Rental Basics 2023