Tuxedo Junction Fine Art now owns the rental backdrop inventories of Cobalt Studios, Inc. and Colorado Scenery

These great backdrops are for sale!

Each backdrop is hand painted and “one of a kind”. No large format prints and no painting on top of a large format print. Some of the backdrops are brand new (never rented). All are in good, usable condition. No mildew, no surprises. Any repaired rips or problems are noted. Some of the backdrops have photos of pre-repair areas that can be sent to you. Prices are based on the subject matter and condition of the backdrop.

Stage Size: All backdrops are priced between 25¢ per square foot to $2.00 per square foot. All backdrops are “stage size”, typically 17′ to 22′ in height and 35′ to 50′ in width, with a few larger and a few smaller.

Small Venue Size: They are perfect for: Parties, Trade Shows, Photography, Small Stages, Schools, Weddings, and Events. These “smaller sized” backdrops are designed especially as decor for hotel ballrooms, wedding venues, convention center booths, school cafeteria stages, and other “non theatrical stage” uses. Prices are based on the subject matter and condition of the backdrop. All smaller backdrops are priced between 50¢ per square foot to $3.00 per square foot. This group of backdrops are not “stage size”; the sizes are listed with each backdrop.

Some of the backdrops have production photos, which we can send to you. Others do not have production photos.

Click on the thumbnail photos below to view a larger photo.
Size, prices and condition notes are listed for each backdrop on their detail pages.

Each backdrop is sold individually. There is no discount for multiple purchases.

Prices do not include shipping costs. Shipping costs are based on weight and the ZIP code of your address. We are happy to send you an estimate of the costs.

No refunds, no returns, no exceptions. Each backdrop is sold “as is”. The condition of each is described accurately as possible. Our prices for the backdrops are very reasonable. Sorry, we can’t negotiate; please don’t ask.

Payments: Checks are preferred. Credit cards are accepted through Paypal with a 5% transaction fee. You don’t have to have a Paypal account to pay a Paypal invoice.

Flame retardant information: Some of these backdrops were treated with flame retardant several years ago; most have not been treated with flame retardant. Please check with your venue for their specific requirements. If you wish to have the backdrop treated with flame retardant, we can recommend companies that can do that for you. We do not provide this service.

Have a question? Ready to buy? Please call 315-214-3523 (Eastern Time) or email: tuxedojunctionfineart@yahoo.com

Note – All photos were taken at a local high school. The lighting varies due to what was currently on stage at the school at the time the photo was taken. Some of the colors may not be necessarily be true and can vary due to the school’s lighting equipment.

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Havana Scrim

1950’s/Sock Hop Theme

Tiny's Drive-in
Diner Interior
Hotel Lobby Backdrop - For Purchase From Tuxedo Junction Fine Art
Hotel Lobby
Mamie's Diner
1950's Photo Banner
Shake, Rattle & Roll Banner

Kid’s Parties

Stone Age Village


Sonora Sunrise
Reward Poster
Monument Valley
Pacific NW Indian Fish
Merrick Butte

New York City

NYC Rooftops 1
NYC Rooftops 2


Hollywood Sign
Hollywood Legends
Denver Night Sky
Las Vegas Sign


City Day Skyline


Around the World
Moroccan Tapestry
Chinese 1
Chinese 2
Chinese 3


Flat Irons Mountains
Sunset Mountains
Pine Forest Mountain
Mountain Range
Aspens & Mountains 1
Aspens & Mountains 2


Rose Arbor
Wonderland Garden


Beach in the Tropics
Welcome Aboard Banner
Peaceful Beach
Under the Sea
Cruise Ship
Sunset Palms
Hawaiian Sunset 1
Hawaiian Sunset 2
Beach at Sunset
South Seas 1
South Seas 2
South Seas 3
Queen Mary Banner

Weddings & Celebrations

Salsa Dance Party
Graffiti Wall Desserts

Wine Tasting

Three Arch Brick Wall

Autumn & Halloween

Fall Harvest
Haunted Cemetery

Winter & Christmas

North Pole
Toy Shop
Ski Country
Santa's Workshop

Photography & Chromakey

Rust Mottled
Blue Spatter
Blue Muslin
Green Chromakey
Blue Chromakey 1
Blue Chromakey 2